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the naked plume

gogogogoats go crazy

Hello there. I would like to promote my new community go_go_goats. It's a place for people who love goats and appreciate what wonderful creatures they are.

But I don't just want to promote, I also want to spread some cuteness.

I would like to introduce a pair of wonderfully cute lambs.

twin lambies

They are called Camilla and Mille.

cutest picture ever

Always staying together.

the twin lambs

I love them to bits.

cutest picture ever

Too much cute for words.

cutest picture ever

But not forgetting goats!

A bunny and a goat sharing dinner.

And my favourite goat, Magnethe:

cutest picture ever


cutest picture ever

And a little older.

And finally, my other favourite goat Mads:

cutest picture ever

When he was a kid he used to live on top of a sheep. Literally. (That sheep is the mother of the baby lambs by the way).

So I hope that makes up for the promotion.

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