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I'm not sure if this is allowed here but seeing as this community is about animals I figure it does. If it doesn't I apologise.

I received my monthly newsletter from the PETA and was horrified to discover that Heathrow an airline I use frequently import primates and horses through Heathrow to testing labs where they are used in cruel, vicious and unessary experiments and possible death.

On many flights and ferries passangers are aware that down in the cargo near their luggage are terrified, caged lab animals going to god knows where to fate worse than death.

I sent Heathrow airport a letter telling them I would no longer be using their airport till they helped put an end to animal abuse.

MANCHESTER AIRPORT : dogs, birds and guniea pigs are imported and exported from Manchester to their deaths

DOVER PORT : most primates come from Dover

AIR FRANCE : air france fly more lab animals to their deaths than all the other airlines combined.

AIR MAURITUS : air mauritus fly thousands of monkeys to torture them round the world.

AIR CHINA : air china fly monkeys and dogs by the thousand to their deaths

JAPAN AIRLINES : they refuse to stop flying animals to their deaths across the world

EI AI: they regulary fly primates from Isreal to British vivisection labs where they suffer.

Anyone whos an animal lover please don't use any of these airlines.
If you want to write, email or phone to Heathrow, Manchester or Dover Port to complain heres the information

Heathrow Airport, BAA plc, 130 wilton road, london, sw1v 1lq.
tel 0207 834 9449

The Manchester airport group PLC, Town Hall, Manchester, M60 2LA
tel 0161 489 3000

Dover Harbour House, Marine Parade, Dover, Kent CT17 9BU
tel 01304 240 400
email : pr@doverport.co.uk

Airlines that are safe to use are British Airways, Virginand BMi all refuse to carry laboratory animals.

This isn't a post to discuss if animal testing is right or wrong, this is inform people who care about this subject, so please dont start any discussions about whether its right or wrong

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